Revolutions Generator
Ismael de Anda III

You are invited to activate your own spinning Revolution Generator as you explore the rate of speed of your revolutions together with other participants on-line creating a collective, active, frenetic, other-worldly, evolving tableaux. Interact and explore the piece by clicking on the spinning forms.

Revolutions Generator (2021)
Ismael de Anda III

Revolutions Generator pluralistically evokes the definition of a revolution as an instance of revolving or spinning, or the replacement or evolution of social order, in favor of an alternative system or experience.

This project begins with de Anda’s memory of the obnoxious, claustrophobic turnstiles that he and many others have been forced through while traveling back and forth at the U.S.-Mexico/Gateway point of entry. A turnstile is a mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through. It can also be made so as to enforce one-way human traffic, and in addition, can restrict passage by privileging people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or similar.

As an act of transforming these turnstiles, de Anda created digital mutant abstract sculpture designs resembling satellite spacecraft that he calls Revolution Generators. As an act of liberation, these re-fashioned turnstiles are yanked out of the ground, and can defiantly levitate and freely spin in the air. Multiple Revolution Generators are placed within a variety of virtual environments internationally and extending out into the galaxy and outer space. De Anda has been using a re-occurring theme of levitating mutant sculptures signifying an act of liberation and a notion of surpassing laws of gravity and parameters of territorialization.

Using mutant practices, including digital, installation, and interactive projects, de Anda's work is inspired by his pluralistic upbringing on the U.S./Mexico Gateway, now living in Los Angeles and working internationally. Often de Anda's works are site-specific, inspired by the communities in which they are created, using locally sourced materials, considering relationships between people and movement of peoples.

Revelations Generator is presented by de Anda in partnership with VAMA Gallery, the Los Angeles City College Artist Lecture Series, and in collaboration with VAMA web design professor Eugene Ahn and his 2021 interactive design team, including Kasey Yoshioka, Aram Choi, Kim O'Connor, Ed Wynne, Ofelia Reyes, and Adeline Zee.